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Investing In Silver

Why is there so much interest in silver investing today? Why do so many people own it? Why choose silver?

  • Silver is an industrial metal. It's used in technology such as solar panels, cell phones, computers and more. Silver's antibacterial properties are the driving force behind its use in water purification, bandages, wound-dressings, catheters and other medical instruments.

  • Silver is a monetary Metal. The frequently quoted economist Milton Friedman once said, "The major monetary metal in history is silver, not gold." It has all the important qualities of money. Similar to a dollar bill, a one ounce silver coin can be used as a medium of exchange, a unit of account and a store of value.

  • Silver is a precious metal. It's beauty and relative scarcity in the Earth’s crust makes it precious. It's reflectiveness, conductivity, malleability, and high resistance to corrosion adds to the value of this metal.

For these reasons and many others, the demand for silver by "baby-boomers" and others is increasing. More people are choosing it as part of a their portfolio. Interested?

Latest Silver News

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Silver News

Current Silver Prices

See this chart for current silver prices. It provides:

  • The spot silver price (ask price) in US dollars over the last 24 hours

  • The closing price of silver for the last 3 days

  • Whether the price of silver went up or down on those days.

Silver Prices Chart

Silver ETFs:
Web Favorites

There are several silver ETFs which I believe are worthy of consideration at this time. Use this article as a starting point for researching ETFs involving silver. Many people use silver exchange traded funds for trading purposes.

Silver ETFs

How to Buy Silver

Do you know how to buy silver? This article will answer these two questions: "What types of silver can you buy?" and "Where do you buy it?"

How to Buy Silver

Buying Silver Coins

This article answers your questions about buying silver coins. No matter what coins you buy, at the end of the day it would be nice to make a profit.

  • Should your first concern always be return on investment (ROI)?

  • Should you always buy coins for their bullion value (AKA... melt value)?

  • Should you only buy coins for their numismatic (collectable) value?

Buying Silver Coins

Buying Silver Bullion

Here I explain in detail why you should have silver bullion as part of your fully-diversified portfolio. In this article I assume:

  • You care about saving for the future.

  • You don't want to spend a lot of time researching or worrying about financial markets.

Buying Silver Bullion

Junk Silver Coins

The term "junk silver" came into use way back in the 60's. Coin dealers would use the term to describe silver coins that had no numismatic or collectible value above their silver bullion value. Coin dealers were not at all interested in these coins because they could not profit from them at the time. Hence, the term "junk silver" indicated no worth. Well... things have changed. Read about it in this article.

Junk Silver Coins

Silver Investing:
The Bigger Picture

The silver investing world is caught in the middle of an epic battle between global macro-economic factors. These forces dwarf the influence of the "normal" price swings resulting from silver's supply and demand. This article will give you a simple framework from which to view the global economic influences affecting your silver investments moving forward.

Silver Investing Factors

Silver Stocks:
A Starting Point

Would you like to add some silver stocks to your portfolio? This article is a good starting point for your research. Using commonly searched terms as a method of scouting the web I believe I have found the silver related stocks most written about by analysts.

Silver Stocks

The Silver Market

The market price of any commodity is determined by the current interaction between supply and demand. Read about the main categories of supply and demand for silver in this article.

The Silver Market

Selling Silver

Selling is an overlooked aspect of investing in silver. When ever you buy silver, or or any investment, you should always have a plan to sell. This plan should take into account the wild ups and downs (volatility) of price. Remember, you really don't make a profit until you sell.

Selling Silver

Silver Trading

You can trade silver in many ways. Many people trade silver ETFs, stocks, futures or options. You probably wouldn't want to trade physical silver because of the excessive fees. This article will cover the basics of a simple technical indicator used for trading ETFs.

Trading Silver

Precious Metals:
Investing Basics

Metals are classified as precious because they are considered to be rare or have a high economic value. The relative value of these metals depends on their rarity, use in industry and use as an investment. Read about the similarities and differences between investing in silver and other precious metals.

Precious Metals

Market Experts

This article looks at market experts in the fields of precious metals, financial markets and global economics. Who is knowledgeable in these fields? Which books will help you understand what's happening in the world of silver and in global markets in general?

Market Experts