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My name is Charles Thorn. I am the author and publisher of I am not a silver 'guru' nor is becoming one part of the plan.

As a very young boy, I became very interested in silver. In 1964 it was clear to me that silver was becoming more valuable. The government told us that they were going to start replacing some of the silver in coins with less expensive copper. So I started collecting pre-1965 silver coins with money I made as a paperboy.

As a young adult, I was lucky enough to have sold some of my silver coins for a nice profit in late 1979 during the height of the silver and gold bubble.

I have been told that I am obsessed with silver. To some degree this has been true.

Now I am mostly interested in preserving wealth, partly through the use of silver. For this purpose I am partial to the Permanent Portfolio as created by Harry Browne in his very short book, "Fail-safe Investing." In this book, and others, Mr. Browne describes a portfolio made up of 25% stocks, 25% bonds, 25% gold and 25% cash that is rebalanced yearly. It is simple and effective at preserving wealth.

My unique view is that rather than having gold as 25% of the portfolio, I would rather have 12.5% gold and 12.5% SILVER. Hence, I am only 12.5% obsessed with silver. LOL...

This website is a repository of knowledge obtained from my exploration of silver and silver-related investments. The articles are written for others. I hope you find them useful.

Feel free to contact me any time about anything. Feedback is appreciated.


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