This silver calculator will calculate the "melt" value of your pre-1965 US silver dimes, quarters and half dollars based on the face value of the coins. In other words this calculator will tell you the approximate value of the silver in your coins in US Dollars. For instance if you had $100 worth of pre-1965 dimes (that would be 1000 dimes):

1. Enter the silver price (see current price below - refresh page if needed)

2. Enter face value (that would be 100 in this example)

3. Then click the "Calculate Silver Value" button.

4. The value of your silver will be displayed in the "Your Silver Value" field.

Calculate the Silver Value (Pre-1965 U.S. Silver Coins)

Enter Silver Price:
Enter Face Value:

Your Silver Value:

To calculate the value of of the silver in your pre-1965 US dimes, quarters and half dollars the above silver calculator does the following:

Multiplies the face value of your silver by .7324. Then multiplies that number by the price of silver. The result will be a good approximation of the value of the silver in your coins. [.7324 is the approximate weight of pure silver in one dollar's worth of pre-1965 US dimes, quarters and half dollars.]
NOTE: Coins that have been in circulation will have less silver because of wear.


If you had $100 (face value) of pre-1965 silver coins and the price of silver was $20.00...

faceValue * .7324 * silverPrice = value of the silver in your coins

Your calculation would be:

100 * .7324 * 20 = $1464.80

The calculator above will provide results that should be considered to be an estimation of the value of your silver based of the current silver price. If you are buying or selling U.S. "junk silver" coins please ask your dealer for an exact quote.

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